who we are

The Buddy Organization was started out of a vision to provide special needs children with a caring friend or "Buddy"—someone who can help them feel included and welcome. Since our inception, The Buddy Organization has helped numerous special needs children form valuable friendships with high school students.


During weekly one-on-one sessions., the Buddy and the child work on activities that the parent desires, such as music, art, reading, and sports. For more information on how sessions work, please see Services.


All the high school students in our organization go through training that is overseen by our leaders in order to better prepare them for working with special needs children. We are a team of enthusiastic and compassionate individuals who cannot wait to meet your child!

Please feel free the share the flyer with your family and friends!

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our Founders

Growing up with a little autistic brother of my own, I was incredibly inspired to start a non-profit organization to provide kids with special needs an opportunity to make more friends. In my past of working with special needs kids within the community, I have noticed that many of the organizations that work with special needs kids solely provide them with a mentor and do not give them what they need the most -- a good friend. I hope to utilize this platform to give these kids a chance to work with someone who is both a friend and a mentor, and thus help them find a strong sense of warmth and belonging.


I am more than thrilled to be working with these kids and cannot wait to use my personal experience to shape them into even more confident and independent individuals.

Aurelia Yang

In my freshman year, I began volunteering with special needs children, working with them in various areas, such as social skills, reading, and music, and enjoyed every minute of it. I was touched and deeply affected watching my students’ growth and joy after they mastered a subject as I realized what I could do to help them discover their own capabilities.


From these experiences, I grew very passionate about helping special needs kids feel more confident and welcomed in our community. I, along with the other members of our team, hope to achieve our mission by guiding these kids on their path of growing as individuals while also serving as friends whom they can find a connection with. I wholeheartedly believe that through our unique vision and the strong passion we have for helping these kids, we can make a valuable difference in their lives. I am more than excited to welcome you all into our organization! 

Anney Tuo